Deploy with mirrors

You can deploy with p2p, but if you can’t / don’t want to use this on multi-sites, you can use mirrors.

What is mirrors?

A mirror is a HTTP server where an agent tries to get the file(s) required to deploy a software.

How does it work?


In GLPI, add a mirror in menu Plugins > FusionInventory > Deploy > Mirror servers

In the field Mirror server address, add the url of your HTTP server for the remote site (think to create the mirror server in the right entity).

For example:

The mirrors

Install your favorite HTTP server (apache, nginx…) in the remote site.

Copy / synchronize the folder (and sub-folders) glpi/files/_plugins/fusioninventory/files/repository in the HTTP server (to the server root in our example).

The Agent

The agent will receive a list of mirror servers from GLPI.

It will try to use a (some if many servers are defined) mirror server to fetch the file(s) required to deploy the software. If it does not find the file on a mirror server, it gets it utlimately from GLPI.